Meet Dr. Dalloul

Dr Nizar Dalloul was born on April 24th 1961, in Beirut, Lebanon, to a family that embraced the Lebanese values of education and entrepreneurship.
Growing up, he had an innate curiosity about machines and technology, developing a fascination with all means of communication.

After completing his Lebanese Baccalaureate, Nizar Dalloul decided to pursue a degree in Electrical Engineering, but the dire circumstances of the Lebanese Civil War threatened his ability to remain in Lebanon.

In the autumn of 1980, in order to pursue his scholastic ambitions, Dr Dalloul left Beirut for the City of Boston, Massachusetts, in the United States.
It was at Boston University (BU) that he would complete his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree of Science in Electrical Engineering.
During his time at BU, Dr. Dalloul was fortunate to study and work under the supervision of professor Elie J. Baghdady, a specialist in communication theory, techniques, and systems. Dr Dalloul also published in-depth articles about communications systems in several prominent academic journals.

Dr Dalloul’s disciplined study granted him a graduate honours scholarship, and he served as a teaching assistant for several electrical engineering courses.

In 1986 he obtained a PhD in Electrical Engineering for his dissertation study in analogue Microsystems, serving as an analogue fellow in the university’s faculty.